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Providing superior executive comfort, heavy jets provide passengers with optimal performance and full amenities for longer flights. Seating typically ten passengers or more, heavy jets cruise over 500 mph with a nonstop range of over 4,000 miles. Like smaller jets, heavy jets operate in airports and airfields that are typically off limits to larger commercial aircraft.

Amenities provided on heavy jets include a full galley, a private lavatory, external baggage compartments, satellite phone, fax, and in-flight entertainment. Newer jets have first-class seating and larger cabins. Kitchens on board heavy jets provide both hot and cold meals. Like larger aircraft, heavy jets have flight attendants to maintain safety, assist passengers, enhance flight experiences, and provide gourmet catering when desired for business and entertainment if requested at an additional fee.

Heavy jets offer the ease and convenience of smaller aircraft while providing more amenities and space. Heavy jets can cost more than traditional jets on a per mile basis but provide economic benefits to traditional airlines because of the payment structure under which they are operated.

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